Version 1.0.1 October 6, 2016

  • Added project date in frontstart-config.json
  • Removed Frontstart core properties in frontstart-config.jsonĀ 
  • Fixed wrong title in command line interface

Version 1.0.0 SeptemberĀ 23, 2016

  • Improved styles for integrated Frontstart CLI
  • Made folder structure more simple (everything is now in project root)
  • Integrated Frontstart CLI (no seperated npm package anymore)
  • Added project stage in frontstart-config.json
  • Added trigonometry Sass function
  • Fixed startup bug when compressing empty CSS dependencies

Version 0.8.0 June 9, 2016

  • Improved environment support
  • Improved error handling on startup
  • Added project information to Frontstart config file
  • Compress dependencies on server startup
  • Bundled all Frontstart concerns Fs object
  • Renamed main.{css,js} to frontstart.{css,js}

Version 0.7.0 June 9, 2016

  • Added advanced environment support
  • Separated FrontStart config from Gruntfile
  • Improved live reload for CSS files
  • Bundled FrontStart concerns to own JS object
  • Improved exclude function for folders and files

Version 0.6.0 December 29, 2015

  • Improved structure
  • Moved main component to core
  • Changed to Sass
  • Added Bourbon
  • Added function to ignore components
  • Updated several npm dependencies
  • Prevent exit during startup with lint errors

Created by Ben Besuijen.

Special thanks to Alion BV for their trust in Frontstart.